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Dota map hack 6.53

Good news to all dota players, new dota map hack 6.53 is release! Come and try this dota map hack 6.53 software. What is dota map hack?How to use dota map hack 6.53?Dota Allstars Map Hack is a program that can visible all the Dota Allstars heroes,creeps and buildings even it's coverd with fog of war. This means there is no fog in your map! You can see your enemy clearly without having anything blocking. From your ally side to the enemies side, its all clear. You can know where the Dota heroes hiding. The advantages of using this Dota Map Hack is you can avoid yourself from being Gangbang! And even you can plan to do Backdoor (Desprate winning...)

Now let see the preview of dota map hack 6.53 new release..

Basically, we need to activate the dota map hack 6.53 console first before we enter the match. After the activation map hack 6.53, you can see the enemies at their basement. Not only your enemies but also ROSHAN! All the creeps in the forest will be reveal if you use dota map hack 6.53. So, what are you waiting for? Download dota map hack 6.53 Now!

Lets see some of the previews..

The player start to activate the dota map hack 6.53.. Focus on the map! You just can see your ally hero inside it..

When the dota map hack 6.53 is activated, now you can see all the units including creeps, enemies and even roshan at your map. Check the different between the first and second pictures!Focus on the map

Roshan hidden cam!

All the creeps in the forest..its like you turn on the security camera in the game!

Come and download dota map hack 6.53!
Download Dota Map Hack 6.53